Gay Dad – Joy!

Remember Gay Dad? No – me neither. I think my flatmate had their album.
Anyways, they came to my attention recently whilst perusing this wonderful website:
It turns out that Gay Dad were no less than the actual cover stars of Select magazine in July 1999, with the caption “Gay Dad Resurrect British Pop”, a claim which, of course, turned out to be entirely false. Unless, of course Adele and Amy Winehouse had secret Gay Dad box set anthologies which they avidly listened to of an evening looking for pointers in how to revive UK music.
…Listening now…
Eeeek. It’s like someone took The Hives and coated them in candy floss. This is quite possibly the most unnecessarily overproduced song I’ve ever heard. There’s the nugget of a decent Rolling Stones – or at least Primal Scream – tune hidden deep beneath that sheen of daytime radio blandness.

Totally ruined.

I can just see the producer in the studio now “can you just sing it with a bit less gusto, please?” “That guitar part is nice, but wouldn’t it sound better with three different synths playing violin sounds over the top?”

All of which makes me think that it’s a good thing that the music industry is going bankrupt.  They hopefully can’t afford to spend so much money turning edgy rock into fluffy brain slop any more.

No doubt all the journalists were listening to Mogwai and Drexciya at home whilst suffering the indignity of having to put Limp Bizkit and Stereophonics on their magazine cover and claiming that Gay Dad were going to magically resurrect British Pop.


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