Female-fronted Britpop Bands

Ah yes – the female-fronted Britpop bands…  Sleeper, Echobelly, Elastica.  They don’t seem to be remembered as readily as the boys, do they?  Is this because the male hegemony has rewritten history to exclude the feminine narrative from our contemporary discourse?  Or is it possibly because they were a bit rubbish?

Let’s see….

Ah – I now see why they called it Britpop.  It’s a rather catchy little number, isn’t it?  And they all look like surprisingly normal suburban British types.  I can picture them eating Millies Cookies down the Bluewater shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon or tutting quietly when someone jumps the queue at Tesco’s.   Perhaps stopping by at the travel agents to book a fortnight in the Algarve en route.

Vocals sound a bit like a 12 year old with a 50-a-day Craven ‘A’ habit, but there’s something quite enticing about that breathy depth versus saccharine sweetness.

I’m getting an awful feeling that this blog is going to crush all my teenage memories of Britpop as being in any way rebellious.  Maybe Elastica will be more edgy.

Boom!  Two and a half minutes of Punk Pop perfection.  And, boy, do they look HOT.

Next up:  Sleeper

Another cute, elfin-faced, breathy vocalist fronting another group of anonymous men who look like they’d rather be down Old Trafford supping a pint of mild.

…and when my Mum told me not to wear those v-necked tops cos they were too masculine, she was so right.


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