Senseless Things – Easy To Smile

There was a time in the 90s when it seemed like every boy I fancied had shoulder length hair, cut off shorts and a Senseless Things T-Shirt.  I don’t think I ever listened to them at the time.  After all, in those days, the only way to hear new music was The Chart Show (which had an Indie Chart every three weeks – oh yeah!) or take a punt on buying a cassette single because you liked the look of it.   If you were allowed to stay up that late, there was John Peel.

So, let’s have a listen…

Gosh.  This is pretty poor.

How is it possible that a song can have such repetitive lyrics, yet be instantly forgettable at the same time?  Quite an achievement. It’s like all the elements are there – chugging guitars, powerful vocals, verses, choruses, middle eights, decent production.  But someone forgot to have an actual song.

Perfunctory at best.


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