Kingmaker – Ten Years Asleep

Goodness me.  This is unexpectedly rather good.

I didn’t have much hope for this band.  It might be because they were from Hull, or that their tunes were a little too catchy, but there was always an air of naffness about Kingmaker.  Even at the time, they seemed so…  also-ran-ish.  You might have listened to them at home, but you wouldn’t write their name on your school bag, let’s face it.

So it turns out to be a pretty solid, Indie-Pop-Punk track with perhaps a slight nod towards Folk.  It’s the sort of track you might expect to find on a Libertines album.  Which is a good thing in my book.   And that geek chic look is pretty ahead of its time in 1993, too.

A quick delve into Wikipedia tells me they went Rockabilly in their later phase before splitting up.  That sounds pretty interesting.

So they weren’t so bad after all.

Who knew?


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